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Hi there and welcome, I’m so happy you found your way to my site. If you are thinking about improving your confidence, saving time, and feeling GOOD about yourself everyday - you’re in the right place!

I’m Gillian, I’ve been working in the beauty industry for almost 30 years and I specialise in creating confidence using semi permanent make up and luxurious skin treatments.

I hope this site gives you the information you need to make the best decision for yourself but if you have any more questions please get in touch.

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Semi Permanent Make up

Enhance your natural beauty with semi permanent make up.

This technique can be used to create brows, add eyeliner or to define the lips. I also offer areola tattooing required after breast reconstruction (please contact me for info).

I specialise in natural results created with microblading, cosmetic tattooing techniques or a combination of both.

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Semi Permanent Make Up : Prices

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Replace lost brows or create a more flattering shape


Young Woman Undergoing Procedure of Permanent Lip Makeup in Tatt

Lip Tint

Add a blush of colour and define the lip shape


Young Woman Undergoing Procedure of Permanent Eyeliner Makeup, C

Eye Liner (upper &/or lower)

Enhance the lash line to add depth to the eye area

£200 both / £125 upper / £100 lower

More about spmu

SPMU, short for Semi Permanent make up, is a form of skin tattooing. It is also known as microblading, PMU Permanent make up and cosmetic tattooing.

This form of tattooing does not go as deep into the skin as a traditional body tattoo. Microblading is the most natural and superficial technique requiring a yearly top up. Cosmetic tattoo is slightly deeper and requires a colour boost every 2 years on average.

Commonly you would choose to have this service due to brow loss, patchy brow growth, to enhance natural beauty, if you have allergies to traditional make up, if you struggle to apply make up or simply for saving time and the convenience of smudge free make up.

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Do I need a consultation?

Yes, in all cases for spmu a consultation is needed to ensure you are safe to have the treatment based on your personal medical history. It is also to assess that the treatment can meet your expectations and to fulfil my duty of care to allow you the opportunity to understand the treatment process and have time to ask questions. For Spmu procedures a consultation must be done before booking the service, the consultation includes a skin patch test.

I'm afraid of black slug brows - is there a choice of colours?

Don't worry, there are endless colours! The design process at the start of your appointment is a chance for us to work together to plan shape & colour of your final result. Any treated areas will be darker for the first few days, the finished healed result will be 30-50% lighter than the initial colour.

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Does spmu hurt?

Everyones pain threshold is different, skin is numbed prior to the treatment to ensure comfort throughout. Most clients feedback that brows are not painful, lips & liner can feel scratchy at first but them become more comfortable as the treatment progresses. As skin is grazed to implant pigment the treated are can feel sensitive for a day or two.

How long is SPMU healing?

Full pre and post treatment care advice will be discussed at consultation. You will also be given written instructions regarding the care of your skin before and after your treatment. Visible healing usually takes around 3 days of looking dark and up to 7-10 days of skin looking dry/flaky. Underlying healing of tissues takes longer - a perfecting top up is performed 4-8 weeks after the initial service and is included in the price.

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Client Testimonials

I have had my brows enhanced by Gill for many years now. I would not to go anyone else. Her work is flawless. Gill is a seasoned professional who puts her clients at ease and works hard to achieve the best outcomes. I highly recommend Gill.


Gillian is professional, knowledgeable and helpful. She advised me on what was the best shape and colour to keep my brows as natmural as possible. I trust Gillian’s experience and opionion and would recommend her 100%.


Gill micro-bladed my eyebrows in October, and I absolutely love them. They look good with or without make up on.


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The Power Facial

NEW for 2023

Introducing 25+ years of skincare experience combined into the ultimate wellbeing facial. This not only treats your skin in the salon, but utilises techniques that will ensure your skin keeps working to become younger and healthy after your treatment.

Can be adapted to suit all skin types and concerns.

Includes : Skin cleanse and analysis | Ultrasonic cleanse to gently exfoliate | Deep tissue lifting massage | Dermalux LED face masque | Lymphatic drainage massage | Protect & Homecare advice and free access to my facial massage techniques mini course to maximise your results at home.

1hr £60

Facial Massage to a Beautiful Girl in a Beauty Clinic.

Facial Massage (At Home)

NEW Summer 2023 - improve your skin, lift & firm at home!

I’m so happy to introduce this unique service!

Following the introduction of my Power Facial treatment earlier this year I wanted to create a home care experience unlike any other- a step by step home care massage that would reinforce the results of my salon facial on a daily basis - in your own home.

I created this programme with techniques you can use yourself at home, BUT with the support of my guidance and experience.

Power facial clients will receive a code to access this programme for FREE.

This is also perfect if you if you can’t make it to the salon for a treatment - because it really is the next best thing! Click link below to purchase the programme for £30 .

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Other Beauty Treatments

Lash lift & Tint*

Making the most of natural lashes with a push in the right direction & adding colour


HD Brow*

7 step grooming to tame and define unruly, overgrow brows.

Includes: colour, shape, thread, tweeze, wax, trim & finish


Lash tint*

brow tint*

Add colour to your lashes or brows to enhance the natural hair for up to 6 weeks.


BrOw shape

Tidy up brows to maintain an even and flattering shape.

Wax &/or tweeze.


*Patch test required at least

48 hours prior to TREATMENT

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Click the links above or

Phone: 0789 483 0279

Email: gjacksonspmu@gmail.com.

Opening Hours / Locations

Caistor Clinic : at Skin Couture Beauty Salon

Market Place, Caistor.

Friday / Saturday


Kirton Lindsey Clinic at Acu Me Acupuncture & Skin Clinic

George Street, Kirton Lindsey.



By appointment only.

More about Gillian

I've been working in the beauty industry for almost 30 years. I feel very lucky to do a job I love and that I now have the luxury to choose to specialise in offering only the treatments I am most passionate about, I’ve been specialising in semi permanent make up for the last 8 years after several friends, family and salon clients shared the negative impact of brow loss due to cancer, alopecia and over tweezing. I knew I could do something to help, the emotion my clients experience when regaining what has been lost is an incredible reward.

My beauty career has has allowed me to travel all over the world working internationally in high end salons, spas and clinics. I trained to be an educator while living in Australia, something I still do today alongside my salon/ clinic sessions. I enjoy the balance of jobs that challenge me both creatively and academically. Outside of work I’m a mum, by far my favourite role, which gives me a good excuse to have fun, get messy, do silly things and plan adventures large & small.

Learn more and check out my professional profile on LinkedIn

Gillian xx


Qualified, verified

& insured


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Precare Advice

Pre care is how you look after the treatment area BEFORE the appointment to ensure the best results while minimising reaction.

For all spmu:

  • Begin by attending a consultation & patch test.
  • Avoid blood stimulants such as exfoliation on the area, caffeine, alcohol, ibuprofen, fish oil or vitamin E supplements 48 hours prior to procedure.
  • Tanning and retinol skincare must be stopped 2 weeks prior to procedure. Botox/filler near the area needs 2 weeks to settle before spmu
  • For eyeliner: stop using lash boost serum 2 weeks before service.
  • For lips: Moisturise your lips regularly before appointment. Dry, chapped lips cannot be treated. If you suffer with cold sores you must take anti viral medication 3 days before and after otherwise you will breakout.

Arrive to appointment in normal day make up

Natural Beauty

After Care Advice

Specific after care is discussed at your consultation. As a guide;

Immediately: Blot regularly with clean tissue to control the build up of lymph fluid that can cause heavy scabbing.

Daily: for 14 days , wash , pat dry and condition with aftercare balm (given to you at appointment).

Eyeliner can cause swelling for 1-3 days following appointment.


Work out for 48 hours after procedure No ointments, creams, vitamins on area No sauna, No swimming, No pools until scabs are completely healed and GONE! No sunbathing or tanning for 4 weeks No chemical peels, botox, dermabrasion or peeling for 4 weeks after procedure. No HEAVY Makeup of any kind for at least 2 weeks after procedure on treated area. Avoid scratching or sleeping on area Do NOT have ipl/lazer near the area


Advise of spmu if giving blood or MRI DO attend colour top up every 2 years DO protect long term with spf.

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If you find you cannot attend your scheduled appointment please let me know asap. I request 24 hours notice of cancellations. 50% of the treatment cost will be invoiced to you if less notice is given.

Please communicate all medical history on your record card so accurate information is used to form the basis of your treatment care. Please update me as your medical history changes.

I cannot offer treatments to anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please do not expect to be treated if you behave in a manner that is disrespectful, threatening or abusive.

Full business use terms & conditions can be found on the link below. Cookie use and privacy policy can be found below.